Top keyboard/cases for the iPad 3 (gallery) Summer 2012 edition

We tested many keyboard/ case combos for the iPad and present this selection of the best.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

The unveiling of the Surface Tablets by Microsoft with the clip-on keyboards has opened many eyes to the utility of a thin tablet paired with a keyboard cover. Owners of the iPad can benefit from similar functionality with third party keyboard cases that are currently available.

Not everyone needs a keyboard for their new iPad, but those who do need look no further. This selection of top keyboard/cases is the result of hands-on use of quite a few, resulting in these best of class. All of the cases have keyboards that can handle anything from light typing to banging out the next great novel.

Best keyboard/case combos for the new iPad 3

Image Gallery: Top keyboard/ case combos for the iPad 3 Summer 2012 edition
Image Gallery: Charge
Image Gallery: Charge
All of the keyboards use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to the iPad. They range from super-thin and light models to full leather portfolios for the iPad. If you are thinking a keyboard might be useful, take a look at these and you should be able to make up your mind. Each keyboard is shown in a variety of views to clearly demonstrate what you get with each.

This gallery has been updated with keyboards released since original publication a few months ago. You will find the hot Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and the Solar Keyboard Folio from Logitech now in the coverage.

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