Top productivity apps for the iPad 3 (gallery)

The new iPad 3 with that amazing Retina Display can be a real productivity tool with the proper apps.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

You have a new iPad and you want to get busy with it. Sure you can play games or watch movies, those typical consumption things, or you can get real stuff done. These 15 apps are outstanding for doing things with the iPad. There are a number of editors on this list, from simple text editors to one allowing online searching in popup window.

Most of these apps have been updated to take full advantage of the Retina Display in the new iPad 3, while others are being updated as we speak. There are free apps on this list, along with paid apps of all prices. Check out the apps and see if there are any you should check out.

Top productivity apps for the new iPad 3

Image Gallery: Great apps for the new iPad to get things done.
Image Gallery: Charge
Image Gallery: Charge
Don't miss the bonus app on the list that is included just for fun.

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