Top U.S. CEOs Social Media No-Shows

Written by John Dodge, Contributor

A study by web site UberCEO.com reveals that an appalling two out of a hundred of 100 America's top CEOs have Twitter accounts (Warren Buffet and Proctor & Gamble's Alan Lafley). Thirteen have LinkedIn profiles, but only three of those have 10 or more connections. A mere 19 have Facebook pages. Not one has a blog.

Thus, this is the dismal state of social media with respect to America's business leaders. Out of touch, you say? Yep.

Maybe, their collective absence from the social media scene is for security reasons, the same lamebrain  excuse auto execs gave for flying to Washington in corporate jets while their companies were tanking. Maybe it's for legal reasons. Or perhaps they're all furiously blogging and tweeting using pseudonyms. Not.

I think it was in 1997 at Microsoft's first CEO Summit where about the same number of America's CEOs that tweet today confessed to using notebook computers back then. Pencil and paper was their preferred  medium.  That was as truly pathetic back then as their absence from the social media scene is today. I'm wonder how much better or worse it would in other countries, except, perhaps, China?

By the way, I was tipped off to the study by Sam Whitmore's Media Survey, a must-read for me.

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