Top Windows Mobile news of the week: Windows Store access, big installed user base, new apps coming

This week in Windows Mobile we heard about a huge user base, saw Microsoft make sure that the Windows Store is to be accessed by all, and heard about new SharePoint and OneDrive apps.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Windows 10 Pro to always have Windows Store access

Microsoft no longer allows administrators to decide who gets access to the Windows Store and who doesn't. Turning off access is no longer allowed to set Group Policy to block access as this has been disabled by Microsoft.

Source: ZDNet


Windows 10 now running on 300 million systems

Adoption of Windows 10 is a good thing for Windows Mobile, as it provides a big installed base that might go mobile. That's why the information that Windows 10 is now installed on 300 million systems is a big deal for Windows in general, which includes Windows Mobile.

Source: ZDNet


Get ready for new OneDrive and SharePoint apps

The effort by Microsoft to get its products on mobile devices never seems to take a rest. The latest apps to get a mobile makeover are the SharePoint and OneDrive apps. Both will be coming in May, OneDrive as a universal app which means it will run on the desktop and on Windows Mobile.

Source: ZDNet

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