Top Windows Phone news of the week: LG's back, updates control, devs don't want to play

This week in Windows Phone we heard that developers don't think porting apps has value, Microsoft to control Windows 10 Mobile updates, and LG is back.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Microsoft to control Windows 10 Mobile updates

The folks in Redmond have gone on record that all Windows 10 Mobile updates will not have carrier control as is currently the case. Without stating exactly how it will do that, the firm intends to get all devices updated on its own at the same time.

Carriers may not be willing to concede control to Microsoft. The latter had this intention in the past but it didn't happen.

Source: ZDNet

Android and iOS developers don't want to port apps to Windows

Microsoft is pushing for Android and iOS developers to port their apps to Windows 10. The company is providing two SDKs, one for each platform, that it claims makes that easier.

Developers aren't jumping to do so, primarily as they don't see the potential rewards with such a low market share for Windows Phones.

Source: Reuters

App developer revenue dropped overnight, Google blamed

Some Windows Phone app developers found it fishy that their revenue dropped significantly at the same time. The speculation voiced online was that Google had done something to cause this.

Google claims it has fixed the error that caused the drop in revenue.

Source: Business Insider

LG Lancet coming to US

It's been a while since LG has produced a Windows Phone, but with the announcement of the Lancet the dry spell is over. This is a low-end 4.5-inch phone.

The $120 Lancet will only be available through Verizon initially.

Source: ZDNet

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