Top Windows Phone news of the week: Lumia 640, Windows 10 Mobile update, app porting

This week in Windows Phone we saw a big new Windows 10 update, heard that porting apps may not be so easy, and the hot Lumia 640 is coming to the US.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Android and iOS apps ported to Windows 10 Mobile will face hurdles

Microsoft has detailed the challenges that will face apps ported to run on Windows 10 Mobile. Android developers will be hit harder than those porting iOS apps. In particular, Android apps with deep-rooted services and features will face obstacles that are the result of the lack of parity between Windows and Android.

According to the Windows folks, iOS apps will better integrate with Windows but not completely.

Source: Neowin

Lumia 640 will get Windows 10 quickly, probably Europe first

Microsoft confirmed that one of the first Windows Phones to get Windows 10 will be the Lumia 640. The next version of Windows is expected this year sometime after it is released for the desktop.

The official also hinted that Windows 10 Mobile will be released in Europe first, and elsewhere later.

Source: International Business Times

Lumia 640 coming to America

The Lumia 640, previously unavailable in the US, is now coming. It will first be available on Cricket Wireless for $130 without a contract.

The 640 is a 5-inch Windows Phone with decent components.

Source: Winsupersite

Big Windows 10 Mobile update adds lots of features

Windows 10 Mobile for phones gets a big update that adds features and apps that make it more capable. The preview version has been less than complete, and this build gives a glimpse into how the final version will look.

The update includes an Xbox app and a beta version of the Windows Store.

Source: ZDNet

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