Toronto builds the most skyscrapers in North America: images

Check out these renderings of what Toronto's skyline will look like in 2020.
Written by Sonya James, Contributor

Toronto's skyline is changing faster than any other North American city. The classic horizon - moderate skyscrapers scattered around the prominent spike of the CN Tower and the wide low globe of the Rogers Centre (formerly the SkyDome) - is becoming more of an "ode to the condo".

According to Emporis, a provider of building and construction data, there are currently 148 skyscrapers and highrises under construction with hundreds more planned.

What will the visual impact of all this new development be?

Trevor Melanson of Canadian Business scoured the internet to find out.

"There’s a lot of concept art floating around the Internet, but I found these less glamorous photos from a forum post the most interesting," writes Melanson.

A forum regular, Insertnamehere (who turned out to be a rather talented 17-year-old named Cale Vanderveen), used Google Earth to generate a 3-D skyline representing all of the planned and partly-finished skyscrapers going up in Toronto.

Insertnamehere even color coded the buildings. Thanks, Vanderveen!

  • WHITE = the project has had preliminary renders, but no application has been submitted.
  • RED = the project has submitted an application to the city
  • GREEN = the project has been approved, but has yet to start construction
  • YELLOW = the project is currently in sales
  • BLUE = the project is currently under construction

Check out more images here.

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