Toshiba unveils 6TB N300 high-reliability hard drives for NAS

The N300 series has been designed and for optimized for the performance, reliability, endurance and scalability requirements of 24/7 operation
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
​Toshiba 6TB N300 high-reliability hard drive

Toshiba 6TB N300 high-reliability hard drive

NAS (Network Attached Storage) demands hard drives that have the performance, reliability, endurance to operate 24/7 and handle huge volumes of data. Toshiba's new N300 series of drives aim to deliver that.

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The N300 7,200RPM drives will be offered in 4TB and 6TB capacities, and both feature a large 128MB data buffer controlled by Toshiba's Dynamic Cache Technology cache algorithm which optimizes cache allocation during read/write to provide the high-level performance demanded by real-time domains.

The 4TB N300 drive can hit a sustained data transfer rate of 200MB/s, while the 6TB model increases this to 210MB/s.

The Toshiba N300 series features advanced technologies that maximize reliability, including sophisticated control and sensing technology to combat vibration, shock and heat and prevent downtime.

The drives feature multiple shock sensors designed to detect and compensate for shock and rotational vibration, while error recovery control minimizes recovery time from data errors.

Toshiba's Stable Platter technology utilizes a tied spindle motor stabilizes the motor drive shaft at both ends to help reduce system-induced vibration.

N300 will be available from January 2017 and are supplied with a three-year warranty. UK pricing for the 4TB model is £180, with the 6TB model expected to retail for £315. No US pricing is available as yet.

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