Totallee case for Apple iPhone 12: Subtle scratch protection

Apple released the iPhone 12 with new color options and instead of covering it up with a case, you can add some basic protection with an ultra thin Totallee case.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The Apple iPhone 12 just launched and give the cool new blue color option I couldn't resist. Totallee sent along a couple of its iPhone 12 thin cases and if you want to maintain the look of your iPhone with no bulk then these super thin cases should be considered.

Totallee offers five color/material options for the iPhone 12 this year and if you have one of the other three iPhone 12 models there are case options for them too. iPhone 12 options include matte finish cases in Frosted Clear, Frosted Black, Navy Blue, and Green. Totallee also offers a transparent (clear) option. I tried out the Frosted Black and Navy Blue case options.

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The Totallee cases are scheduled to start shipping on 13 November and can be pre-ordered now for $35. The elegance of the Totallee iPhone 12 case is its simplicity with no branding anywhere, super thin design (0.02 inch), light weight (0.1 ounce), and ability to add just enough to offer some protection.


The case protects the back from scratches and does have edge protection that may help with minor bumps. There is a slightly raised edge around the rear camera opening with the edges around the phone rising just above the front to help protect the display when you set it face down on a table.

Opening are present for the volume and right side buttons, along with the ringer switch. There are also bottom openings for the Lightning port, speaker, and microphone.


The case works flawlessly with Apple Pay and wireless charging too. I don't have any MagSafe accessories to test out, but the cases are so thin that Totallee states they are compatible with MagSafe.

The Navy Blue is a perfect complement to the iPhone 12 blue model. I personally hate the glossy back of the blue iPhone so this Totallee iPhone 12 case adds a matte finish without really even looking like a case.

The case fits very tightly so be a bit careful working it around that final corner and up on your device. I bent the edge material a bit the first time, but was able to work it into place with a bit more care.

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The transparent case has more of a glossy, gel feel to it while the matte cases are constructed of stiffer plastic material. The transparent case is slightly thicker material, but it also fully shows off the color and style of your iPhone 12.

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