Trade in your old iPhone for a shiny new T-Mobile HTC HD2

The T-Mobile HD2 is a hot seller that is flying off the shelves at a low subsidized price. There looks to now be an iPhone trade-in offer where you can get $100 to $350 off an HD2 with no data plan or contract required.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I rarely use my iPhone 3GS as a phone anymore and primarily use it as an iPod touch. I am really enjoying my T-Mobile HD2 and many others seem to be as well as T-Mobile can't keep them on the shelves very long. I was able to pick mine up for just $200 with an extension in my contract and think that is a fantastic price. If you have been wanting to get an HD2, then T-Mobile has a new deal where you can trade in that old iPhone for huge discounts on an HTC HD2. The offers start at $100 and go up to $350 for the iPhone trade-in. I'm not sure how this works with those who only have to pay $200, but if you need to pay the $450 for the HD2 this seems like a good way to knock down that cost in a big way.

Honestly, now that I have an iPad I would have seriously considered trading in my iPhone 3GS for the HD2 if I had to pay the $450 no contract price. The HD2 has much nicer hardware than the iPhone 3GS with better specs and is just lacking in applications. The offer runs from 1 April to 19 May and is available at participating dealers, through 1-800-TMOBILE, or business direct sales representatives. It is not good at corporate (aka official) T-Mobile stores. You can purchase the HD2 at full price without activation using this offer too and a data plan is not required so if you want to use your HD2 primarily through WiFi and not attach it to a data plan this may be the route to go.

I wonder what T-Mobile is going to do with iPhones that get traded in as part of this offer? Will they send them to HTC so they can destroy them in anger over the Apple lawsuit?

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