TradeCard will join d2dLogistics.com

An on-line transaction enabler partners with Singapore based IPACS to gain access to its logistics hub. The alliance will increase substentially the hub's base of customers.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

Singapore based d2dLogistics.com stands to increase its customer base with a recent alliance formed with U.S.' TradeCard Inc.

Launched September this year by IPACS, d2dLogistics.com is a logistics service hub offering real-time, online procuring of logistics services.

Members can log in to track orders, shipment status, monitor inventory, exchange trading and shipping documents and settling billing and payment.

The alliance with TradeCard Inc. will allow TradeCard members access to the logistics hub and the range of services offered without any additional charges.

"As we expand operations throughout Asia, TradeCard forges alliances with strong partners who provide both valuable services to our members as well as regional expertise," said Kurt Cavano, TradCard's chairman and CEO.

"IPACS provides our members with a wide range of logistics options and services through d2dLogistics.com offering direct access to not only Singapore market, but to other key Asian markets where the bulk of international trade is done."

Currently, businesses can initiate trade transactions online, but they cannot complete them without dropping offline to settle them in traditional, paper-based and time-consuming ways.

TradeCard provides an online alternative by aggregating services such as foreign exchange services, credit scoring and assurance payment, rating and inspection services. The transaction system even offers pre and post-export financing.

"TradeCard and d2dLogistics.com are up-and-running networks whose integrated, complimentary transaction and logistics solutions are going to greatly improve the efficiency with which international trades are both conducted and tracked," said Wong Sing Lam, chairman of IPACS.

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