Transmeta and Linux to run the future home

The wired home of the future will have Web pads and all manner of networked appliances using Transmeta hardware and the Linux operating system
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

PC manufacturer Gateway believes that Transmeta and Linux will lead a revolution in home technology, representatives said at a presentation in Ireland Wednesday.

Gateway signed a deal in May with start-up chip company Transmeta and Internet company AOL to manufacture Web pads and intends to expand this into all manner of home networked appliances.

"I think that some of you may have seen the agreement we signed with Transmeta recently," says European senior vice president Mike Swalwell. "That highlights the use of devices in the home. We see real growth in this and the micro server in the home."

Manager of emerging technologies at Gateway Michael Hughes says that the Web devices Gateway currently has in mind for the wired home of the future will use Transmeta hardware and the Linux operating system. "We looked at what we wanted to do and Transmeta had the best solution," says Hughes. "Gateway sees a networked home using a residential gateway to access a whole range of appliances throughout the home."

According to Hughes, variations on the Web pad will be found in virtually all rooms of the house of tomorrow offering instant and easy to use Internet access. Gateway does not yet have a firm date set for when these devices will start appearing in in Europe.

Swalwell also does not think that Gateway's alliance with Transmeta will affect the company's relationships with Intel and AMD. "I think it's complimentary," he says. It is not clear whether Gateway is thinking of making laptops using Transmeta's Crusoe chips.

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