Transport for NSW attendance system on track

'My Time and Pay' system will handle attendance, pay and leave at Sydney Trains and NSW Trains.
Written by Tim Lohman, Contributor

Transport for NSW has announced that the rollout of its My Time and Pay employee attendance and pay system is well underway and on track for completion by the end of 2015.

According to the government agency, 1500 staff at Sydney Trains and NSW Trains have been placed onto the electronic attendance registration and pay calculation since the project began in February.

The system is being rolled out to the rest of Sydney Trains and NSW Trains' staff in stages based on geographical areas

In a statement to ZDNet, a Transport for NSW spokesperson said that under the system, staff are able to use their existing ID cards to sign on and off, and make online requests for leave.

"My Time and Pay will ensure accurate attendance reporting by eliminating errors by replacing manual processes like attendance recording," the spokesperson said.

"We expect the system to increase workforce productivity by reducing the time staff spend on administrative payroll and attendance recording tasks.

"It will also mean work and pay rules are applied consistently across our workforce."

The introduction of the system was first flagged by Railcorp in October 2011 and was originally slated for rollout in 2012, but was delayed by the breakup of the agency into NSW Trains and Sydney Trains in May that year.

As reported by ZDNet, the new attendance system will have the ability to utilise biometrics, but has backtracked on initial plans to pair a fingerprint scan with a swipe card to log users on and off.

"While My Time and Pay allows for biometric functionality, adopting this system will require widespread consultation with our workforce," the spokesperson said.

"For simplicity and efficiency existing staff ID cards are being used."

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