Trapit's new release aims to empower social employees

Trapit has launched its new enterprise platform which aims to connect the dots between employee advocacy and social selling.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor
Employee advocacy is a vital sales and marketing channel for enterprises. However often what is missing is the content itself which will help employees become experts and thought leaders across the industry and help the company bottom line.
Trapit's new release aims to empower social employees ZDNet

San Francisco based Trapit hopes its customers will be able to arm their employees on social with content that will spark authentic engagement and generate leads.

The technology pulls information from over 100,000 content sources across text and video. These sources include blogs, journals, news services, magazines, feeds and podcasts. This content is vetted by humans to ensure that all content is high-quality and reputable.

Typing in a keyword, or a reference URL will enable the platform to bring you relevant content. If the content is not relevant enough for your needs the tool will learn from your preferences.
Trapit's new release aims to empower social employees ZDNet

The platform can then track how people interact with this content, and determine which employees who interact on social drive the most engagement.

Campaign codes for marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot and Salesforce are integrated into the platform, so social activities can be captured in the sales funnel and subsequently measurement.

Trapit was spun out from SRI International's advanced AI CALO project -- the same project that spun off Apple's Siri.

The company now applies that technology to the problems of content discovery across the Web.

The new platform includes the ability to add your own content, and create a library of corporate assets such as white papers or knowledge base articles.

It provides tools to organise employees by selling or market focus.

Its analytics can identify top performing content by employee consumption, content items and topics by social network. It can also highlight top advocates and teams.

It can also enable you to optimise the most relevant content for the team.

Employees are a company's greatest asset on social, but few empower their entire workforce to grow their own brand and influence.

A tool that goes beyond the echo chamber of what is being shared, promoted and optimized will be welcomed in many organisations trying to make sense of all the data across the social web.

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