Travel.com.au: Lessons Learned

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Technical case  

When Travel.com.au first entered the market with their 'Fare Finder' database, they knew they had something unique, offering clients an independent service and the ability to save time and money. Of all the lessons learned by Travel.com.au since their initial launch, flexibility would have to be the most salient.

Adaptability: It is critical to recognise that e-Business models need to be quick to change to suit the environment and customer needs. Value-adding, differentiation and niche marketing are examples that Travel.com.au used to stimulate loyalty, and generate repeat traffic.

Close the Sales loop: Having web presence or a great looking web site is not enough. Every customer counts and the company's value proposition must drives sales, converting as many browsers as possible into buyers.

Scalability: As Travel.com.au's business model changed they needed an infrastructure that could adapt and accommodate these new requirements. Having this freedom gave travel.com.au the ability to grow and take advantage of the new opportunities as they occurred.

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Technical case  

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