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Travel tech Q&A: F5 Networks' Kurt Hansen

The networking vendor's Australia and New Zealand managing director shares his thoughts on important tech products to bring while travelling.
Written by Spandas Lui, Contributor

In this week's Travel Tech Q&A, F5 Networks managing director for Australia and New Zealand Kurt Hansen tells us what gadgets he likes to bring on his travels, and what apps are indispensible when travelling abroad.

F5 Networks' Kurt Hansen (Credit: F5 Networks)

What tech do you travel with and why?

I never leave home without my iPad and iPhone. The combination of the two means that I always have access to emails no matter where I am, so I can respond to those little emergencies that inevitably arise. In terms of the iPad, it provides me with a larger form factor so I can have access to all of my business apps in a usable size, as well as the option to use a larger keyboard if I need it.

What tech do you miss from home?

Faster internet.

What tech do you love abroad, where and why?

GPS and the Google Maps app on my iPhone mean I can always find my way. I do not know what I did before GPS!

What's your favourite phone app for travelling and why?

I work at F5 Networks, so it would have to be phone access to all my work applications via the company's VPN client.

How do you deal with jet lag?

Stay awake as long as possible on arrival in the morning!

What (if any) travel websites do you use?

TripIt is just fantastic! Having one app that keeps track of all my reservations (flights, accommodation, hire cars, etc) keeps me organised.

What tech is in your briefcase?

A briefcase? There is no need for a briefcase anymore. All I need is my iPhone and iPad!

What is your one must-have piece of tech when travelling? (What you never leave home without.)

It has to be my iPad. It has been preloaded with the company's Mobile Device Management solution with my client certificates, and configured for VPN on demand, so whenever I want to access corporate applications, it automatically connects and logs in to all my apps for me. So, basically, once I have entered the pass code to unlock the iPad, I can log in to the company system with a single click, which makes working on the go much easier for me to achieve.

Where is the best place you've been for duty-free tech shopping?

Fry's in San Jose.

What tech do you expect in hotels when you are travelling?

Fast internet for multiple devices such as the PC, iPhone, or iPad to be included in the room rate — it is more important than breakfast!

Favourite site to use while travelling?

My iPad Portal — it makes it easy for a non-tech user like me to access all my business applications, email, SharePoint, CRM, HR systems, and cloud services, all with a single sign-on.

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