Traveling over the holidays? Using free Google Wi-Fi will benefit Climate Savers

Climate Savers encourages donations for using free Google Wi-Fi over the holidays; Google will match up to $250,000.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

I'm sure you're familiar with those public radio challenge grants -- where if you donate money to a cause during a certain time period, someone will match your money. Well, if you are obsessive, er committed, enough to need Wi-Fi while you are traveling during the year-end holiday rush that starts with Thanksgiving, Google and Climate Savers Computing Initiative have worked up a way for you to support green IT.

The Google Free Holiday Wi-Fi program covers 47 airports across the United States. If you decide to use it, you'll be encouraged to make a donation to Climate Savers, a non-profit high-tech industry consortium that is focused on developing standards and policies toward more energy-efficient computing. Google will match incoming donations on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $250,000. The program is effective through Jan. 15, 2010.

Here's more information on the program, plus a list of all the airports where you can use the service.

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