True or False

Jeremy Allaire: Producing high quality content costs lots of money.False.
Written by Steve Gillmor, Contributor

Jeremy Allaire: Producing high quality content costs lots of money.

False. Talent.

Podzinger: The $76B Disruption. Audio and video search will be the new organizing mechanism.

False. Search is dead. The amount of viewing/listening time is finite. It's not about finding stuff; it's about throwing stuff away.

Blinkx: Pico takes the current context and creates a group of channels around that content. Blinkx.tv gives you the same passive experience of TV plus the ability to get to new interesting content.

False: It takes the current page and distributes the Memeorandum effect on top of it. Push search does not equal time conservation. It's not about pushing stuff; it's about throwing stuff away.

dbfarber: Blinkx is a first step...associating content channel with the context derived from a page. A second step is using the Memorandum, Gesture Bank technology and input to reduce the noise.

False: The noise is the problem. Creating noise only to throw it away is counter-productive and is rejected by the RSS generation.

All: We have a business model.

False. No model can compete against a user-controlled pool of open metadata. 

Navio: There's a whole host of things you can do.

False. Everything is greyed out. It's a micropayments DRM slicer/dicer. Poof.

Arrington: What kind of transaction velocity will we really have? Answer: Not enough anytime soon.

True. Micropayments suck.

Susan Casey: VideoEgg rocks.


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