Trusting big corporations with YOUR security

From today's Hardware 2.0 mailbag:Do you trust big corporations to keep you, your PC and your data safe?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

From today's Hardware 2.0 mailbag:

Do you trust big corporations to keep you, your PC and your data safe?

Good question!

In my life I don't see anything is a black/white way, so my answer is going to either be "yes ... but," or "no ... however."

First off, I don't trust any single corporation or group to keep me 100% safe all the time. Not Microsoft, not Apple, not even Linux. If nothing else, I make sure that I employ common sense at all times, because to do anything else is foolish.

That said, I do believe that most companies involved in tech, in particular the big names, do indeed take security seriously. Sure, some companies need prodding occasionally (some more than others), and sometimes marketing, legalese and hype hinder frank and open discussions, but on the whole, most companies I deal with have people working for them who take security seriously. Again, other factors get in the way at times, but it's one of the job of tech pundits to keep companies on their toes. One of the best ways to encourage companies to adopt a healthy attitude to security is through pressure (gentle, and sometimes not so gentle).

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The security landscape is also constantly in a state of flux, and this is something else to keep an eye on. At the top of the security pyramid we still have Apple and Linux, who both seem to be doing a good job of keeping users safe. Definitely a case of "keep being awesome." Microsoft, a company that for a long time seemed to always be on the back foot when it came to fighting the fight, seems to have gained considerable ground recently. Good job. Other companies, such as Adobe, seem to have dropped the security ball as of late and now makes some of the most dangerous, most toxic, and most vulnerable products in widespread circulation. Adobe's PDF reader and Flash player are a constant source of vulnerabilities, many of which are very serious indeed. Could do better guys, a lot better.

The security landscape in constantly in a state of flux, so you also need to keep vigilant and have your wits about you at all times. Trust no one, but at the same time, don't have security monkeys on your back all the time and trust that most companies, on the whole, have your best interests at heart.

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