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Google CEO urges grads: 'Turn off your computer' -AP"Turn off your computer. You're actually going to have to turn off your phone and discover all that is human around us," Schmidt said.
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

Google CEO urges grads: 'Turn off your computer' -AP

"Turn off your computer. You're actually going to have to turn off your phone and discover all that is human around us," Schmidt said. "Nothing beats holding the hand of your grandchild as he walks his first steps."

Baseball Tickets Too Much? Check Back Tomorrow -NYTimes

The Giants are the first major league team to test the software, which some industry analysts say could transform the way teams adjust to the ebb and flow of the season, not unlike how airlines, hotels and rental car companies — which also use dynamic pricing — adjust to changes in the travel industry.

The Swarms of Summer -TechCruchIT

A link to someone not followed from cross-talk with someone I do follow is a strong signal of potential value. The cross-talk may seem diffused, but users will migrate to tools that let them make the most efficient assessment of value.

Got an unusual name? Facebook may think it's fake -AP

As Facebook becomes a bigger part of the lives of its more than 200 million users, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company is finding that the huge diversity and the vast size of its audience are making it increasingly difficult to enforce rules it set when its membership was smaller and more homogenous.

Twitter sees tools, not ads, for revenue -Reuters

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said on Monday that the company is developing various add-on tools and services for the businesses and professional users of Twitter, which could create a revenue stream for the company.

Antarctic team boosts medical care with 3D ultrasound -Reuters

The idea is for the images to be stored and then forwarded to specialists for analysis, aiming to free up the outpost doctor and provide an extra level of medical care.

Google Searches for Staffing Answers -WSJ

The Internet search giant recently began crunching data from employee reviews and promotion and pay histories in a mathematical formula Google says can identify which of its 20,000 employees are most likely to quit.

Wolverton: Comcast's digital transition creates confusion -MercuryNews

Customers who called its main customer service line often got information that conflicted with the company's official plans. Some were told they'd have to pay for set-top boxes or installation services that Comcast officials said they'd get for free.

HP, Sun, Dell, and Microsoft Are Among Cloud Computing's Losers -Stanek

In his presentation, titled: "Building Great Companies in the Cloud," Stanek - a technology visionary who has spent the past fifteen years building world-class technology companies - talked about what it means to be 'born on the cloud.'

Blocked Ads, Clean Conscience -Slate

Some in the ad industry argue that eliminating only the intrusive ads would still be crippling, since stats show that, despite our whining, "annoying" ads work. We may think we hate ads that load pop-ups or intrude on a Web page's content, but these ads tend to get more clicks than ordinary ones. In fact, publishers are responding to the recent downturn in the ad market by devising ways to make ads even more intrusive.

New Mood in Antitrust May Target Google -NYTimes

The new antitrust leadership, legal experts say, is likely to scrutinize networks — technology platforms that become so dominant that everyone feels the need to plug into them. The advantages to the companies that control such networks snowball as they attract more users, advertisers or software developers.

Social Networks Eclipse E-Mail -NYTimes

Alongside the explosive growth of online video over the last six years, time spent on social networks surpassed that for e-mail for the first time in February, signaling a paradigm shift in consumer engagement with the Internet.

Craigslist CEO asks SC AG to apologize for threat -AP

"Many prominent companies, including AT&T, Microsoft, and Village Voice Media, not to mention major newspapers and other upstanding South Carolina businesses feature more 'adult services' ads than does craigslist, some of a very graphic nature," Jim Buckmaster wrote in a company blog.

Does social media increase SEO? -brafton

"[Social media sites] are part of a mix of social and non-social elements that help make up a search strategy - they're not a search strategy in themselves," Cowen says. "On that basis I suggest social media’s ability to drive SEO should not be a topic of excitement. We should not all down tools and get behind social media as the next best way to achieve killer SEO."

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