Turkey Hill is churning ice cream with wind power

A Pennsylvania ice cream institution has begun to generate a quarter of its energy from wind power - enough to churn six million gallons of the frozen treat annually.
Written by David Worthington, Contributor

Six million gallons of ice cream will be churning with wind power over the next 12 months.

Turkey Hill Dairy is churning more than just ice cream. The purveyor of frozen treats announced yesterday that wind turbines are supplying a quarter of its energy needs.

The Pennsylvania company partnered with PPL Renewable Energy and Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA) on the project, which is known as Frey Farm. The Frey Farm facility was installed in October, and went online in February.

Over 769,677 kilowatt-hours of electricity were generated at Frey Farm during its first operational month. The turbines are located on the banks of the Susquehanna River, and will be used exclusively by Turkey Hill Daily.

In case you were wondering, that’s enough energy to make six million gallons of ice cream annually and 15 million gallons of Turkey Hill’s iced tea, Turkey Hill says. PPL Renewable Energy has estimated an annual reduction of 5,900 tons of greenhouse gases emissions.

“Our support for renewable energy stems from our strong commitment to a sustainable future in Lancaster County and all of the communities we serve across the United States,” Turkey Hill Dairy president Quintin Frey said in a prepared statement.

The dairy began to implement a sustainability plan in 2003, which thus far has involved initiatives to reduce waste, decease fuel usage, increase its plant’s energy efficiency, and reduce packing materials.

Whoever said that ice cream wasn’t good for you?

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