Twilio launches Notify for notification orchestration

Twilio Notify aims to customize notifications on mobile so customers aren't bogged down.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Twilio has launched an application programming interface to push the right notification via messaging, app and push at the right time.

The service, called Twilio Notify, is aimed at orchestrating notifications for business-to-consumer communications.

Developers may be into Twilio Notifications because the barrage of messages prodding consumers to engage has gotten out of hand.

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Twilio Notify enables developers to specify what customers should get a message via a preferred channel. Notify's API will support channels such as SMS, Apple Push Notifications, Google Cloud Messaging and Facebook Messenger.

CEO Jeff Lawson said that enterprises generally "use a push notification service and don't think about the user in the right way." "Our goal was to create a user centric model that can orchestrate, dictate with code and then push to the consumer with business logic," said Lawson.

For instance, a developer can choose to use notification on a recently used channel like an iPad. "The idea is to customize at scale," said Lawson.

Twilio Notify will provide notifications based on preference, group membership, channel and device as well as segmentation and multi-channel messaging.

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