Twitter adds more data about campaign performance, analytics and spend

Twitter Ads is getting an upgrade with more data that should offer better campaign reporting to digital marketers.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Following up the recent launch of a new survey tool for advertisers, Twitter is getting ready to roll out even more data to digital marketers.

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As if there wasn't enough data floating around already, Twitter's latest updates are intended to give digital marketers a better insight into campaign performance, spend, and analytics with the intention of making alterations easier and faster in real-time.

For example, the Twitter Ads dashboard now reflects all earned media and engagements received by Promoted Tweets instead of just the ones that had been bought.

Campaign data will also be broken down by device, location, gender and interest.

Christopher Golda, a product manager on the Revenue team at Twitter, promised in a blog post on Wednesday that these updates should provide digital marketers with vital information about their "most engaged audiences."

He suggested that information could also be used to retool promotional campaigns both online and offline.

For example, if a brand sees strong engagement on a specific device type, they can target just that device or make edits to other campaigns to maximize performance directly from their analytics dashboard.


The updates are slated to become available today on Twitter Ads.

Screenshots via The Twitter Advertising Blog

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