Twitter launches premium API effort starting with historical tweet search

Twitter is building out its premium APIs for developers as it begins to grow its data business.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Twitter launched a set of premium application programming interfaces that will give developers access to more data such as tweets per request as well as more complex queries.

These premium APIs will serve as a bridge between Twitter's free APIs and enterprise versions. Twitter on its most recent earnings report noted that its data platform is among its fastest growing businesses.

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Prior to the premium APIs, Twitter offered basic query functionality and access to basic data for free and real-time and historical data for enterprises. The premium APIs are expected to bridge a gap and create an upgrade path from free to pay to enterprise with better reliability.

In addition, Twitter launched a public beta of its Search Tweets API, the first premium effort. The Search Tweets API provides access to 30 days of Twitter data and the company said it will add the full history of data.

The Search Tweets API will include more tweets per request, higher rate limits, complex queries, and metadata improvements. The Search Tweets API will start at $149 a month.

Developers will get a self-serve portal to monitor data usage, manage subscriptions, and payments.

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