Twitter launches feature to organize multi-tweet threads

You can now string together your "tweetstorms" with Twitter's new threads features.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
(Image: Twitter)

Twitter on Tuesday launched tweet threads, a simpler way to read and discover multiple tweets that are stitched together to share more information.

On its website and mobile apps, Twitter has added a plus button in the composer, so that you can connect your thoughts and publish threaded tweets at the same time. You can add to your published thread by tapping the "Add another Tweet" button. For users viewing threads, Twitter has added a "Show this thread" label to expand the thread of tweets.

In the past, users would thread tweets together by manually including a number to indicate the order the tweets were to be read, or they would resort to simply firing off back to back tweets with no clear order. Twitter hopes its new feature can help organize things -- and surely raise engagement in the process.

In November, Twitter launched 280-character tweets for all its 330 million users, up from the past limit of 140 characters. Recent data from social media analysis firm SocialFlow claims tweets with more than 140 characters are retweeted 26.52 times on average compared with 13.71 times for tweets of 140 characters and below.

In addition to 280-character limits, the new tweet threads will allow users to string more information together on Twitter than before. In the past, users may have turned to other social media platforms like Facebook to post longer information.

"A few weeks ago, we expanded our character count to make it easier for people to fit what they're thinking into a tweet," Twitter wrote in a blog post. "But we know people also may want to serialize a longer story or thought, or provide ongoing commentary on an event or topic. That's where this update to threads comes in!"

Twitter said the thread updates will be available to everyone on iOS, Android, and Twitter.com in the coming weeks.

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