Twitter picks up Bagcheck search startup

Bagcheck, a relatively unknown startup, has a new owner after only being live for a few months: Twitter.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Twitter continues to step up its arsenal of acquired startups with the purchase of Bagcheck.

However, it is not clear yet as to how Bagcheck will fit in and be utilized by Twitter. At the heart of things, Bagcheck comes down to searching for and sharing for things people like. Execs touted it as a "fun and easy way to share these sets of items with people you know or share interests with." Basically, it creates lots of lists.

So far, at least one of Bagcheck's co-founders, Sam Pullara, will be joining the Twitter engineering team.

Bagcheck's other co-founder, Luke Wroblewski, wrote a statement about the merger on his official blog, which comes across as a thank you note at the end of his tenure at Bagcheck before he moves on to other things.

From the earliest days of Bagcheck, I was blown away by all the useful, funny, and original bags people consistently made using our site. In the seven months since Bagcheck went live I've marked over 900 such collections as favorites. That means several times a day, someone made something on the site that made me think, smile, or learn something new.

Naturally, Wroblewski ended the note by informing readers that they can follow him on Twitter.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed nor a timeline as to when the agreement should be completed.

Twitter has bought a number of smaller companies in the last year, with much of the focus on eliminating third-party platform apps as evident by the acquisition of TweetDeck in May, among others.

In other Twitter news, the micro-blogging site has finally and completely switched over to the redesigned version that many users have already been using for since last year.


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