Twitter: the new hot spot for resumes

Could you sum up your experience and value as a potential employee in 140 characters or less?

Could you sum up your experience and value as a potential employee in 140 characters or less? Job seekers are increasingly using Twitter not only as a tool to find open positions, but to apply to them as well, reported WSJ.

Recruiters, who are often on the hunt to find the most effective way to connect with the best candidates, are using Twitter to post job openings, research applicants and search for potential employees. That development isn't so surprising. Recruiters have been using other forms of social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn, for some time.

The curious shift is how job seekers are using Twitter to summarize their CVs in 140 characters or in six-second videos.

As the WSJ notes, one company used Twitter to promote a position and only accepted candidates who tweeted their interest using a specific hashtag. The company weeded out the pool of job seekers by requiring candidates have more than 1,000 active Twitter followers.

Posting résumés on Twitter is a burgeoning trend and the rules, or standard accepted practices, are murky, at best. For example, should job seekers stick to professional matters on their Twitter feed or can and should they post on personal matters as well? Do you try to summarize all of your qualifications or focus on one skill?

Not surprisingly, media and technology industries have been early adopters of using Twitter as a job recruitment tool. And Twitter has noticed. The company co-hosted a job search-related Twitter chat earlier this year.

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