Twitterverse goes sour with iPhone 4S announcement (survey)

Twitter goes crazy over the iPhone 4S -- and not in a way that Apple might appreciate.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

As Apple CEO Tim Cook might say, everyone and their brother had a reaction to the iPhone 4S announcement on Tuesday. Compared to Apple's releases in the last few years, especially the iPad and the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S seemed to be a letdown for the majority of followers.

Most financial analysts posted mixed reactions about Apple following the introduction of its latest mobile device, and even some tech followers

Naturally, the Twitterverse was all aflutter with the announcement -- but Twitterers weren't pleased, according to Crimson Hexagon, which specializes in social media monitoring and analytics.

Here are the major takeaway points from the survey, which can be seen in more detail in the infographic below:

  • 49 percent of Tweets included a negative reaction about the announcement
  • 33 percent were disappointed that the iPhone 4s was not the iPhone 5
  • 25 percent of Tweets were positive about the announcement
  • 14 percent were excited about the iPhone 4s
  • 11 percent said they plan to buy the iPhone 4S

Here are a few sample tweets -- the last of which could be the most amusing:

  • "The iPhone 4S has been reviled :D Really hope they release iOS 5 soon cause that looks sick!"
  • "Excited to get the iPhone 5 tomorrow, or iPhone 4s whatever the hell its gonna be #upgrade"
  • "iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 whatever , I'm still getting it"
  • "Disappointed it's not the iPhone '5'"
  • "iPhone 4S it is, a let down for Tim Cook's first official announcement as Apple's new CEO."

Additionally, 16 percent of Tweets reflected upon the fact that Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs, which is obvious to everyone. It's almost not fair to judge him to that degree at this point as there has never been a CEO quite like Jobs -- that's what made him so remarkable in the first place.

Now, Twitter isn't exactly the ideal source for a scientific survey nor could it necessarily accurately predict how well the iPhone 4S will do. We'll know that more once the iPhone 4S goes up for pre-order on October 7, followed by the official launch on October 14.

Nevertheless, Twitter could still be argued as a good beacon for understanding how consumers feel not only about the device itself but where Apple might go from here.

[Image via Crimson Hexagon]


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