Two innovative keyboards for your Palm

Fed up with Graffiti? Try one of Logitech's keyboard alternatives -- the ingenious KeyCase or the more traditional TypeAway.
Written by Darren Gladstone, Contributor
Graffiti can be a real pain on your Palm. We've tested many keyboard options that promise faster, easier text entry on a handheld, but not one has bested Palm's vaunted handwriting system. Logitech's KeyCase and TypeAway keyboards, however, are both interesting and functional options.

Logitech KeyCase (Palm m125/m500 Series)
Imagine being able to crumple your keyboard like a sheet of paper, and you're not too far from the idea behind Logitech's KeyCase. Built around an ingenious multilayered-fabric technology, this pressure-sensitive sheet pulls double duty as a protective case and a keyboard.


Logitech’s £99.99 (inc. VAT) KeyCase Keyboard.
When not in use, you can wrap it like a nylon burrito around your Palm m100- or m500-series handheld. Once it's unfurled, though, you'll see each key silk-screened on the fabric's surface. However, this keyboard has a few drawbacks. You can't press two keys simultaneously (such as the Shift key and a letter, for instance). And since there's no key travel, it's easy to mistype. Thankfully, within the software, you can adjust the sensitivity settings to match how hard you plan to attack the keys. You can also set your Palm to emit an audible click each time you press a button. It takes a bit of getting used to, but the £99.99 (inc. VAT) KeyCase has a very clever design.

Logitech TypeAway Keyboard
For faster typing, Logitech is offering its slim TypeAway model, which uses more traditional spring-loaded keys. Like the Palm m500 Portable Keyboard, you unfold the TypeAway on a flat surface and drop your Palm into it in order to type.


Logitech’s £79.99 (inc. VAT) TypeAway Keyboard.
This model, however, is much thinner than Palm's (roughly the size and shape of a cigarette holder), making it perfect for stashing in a coat pocket. The QWERTY keypad has some unusually shaped keys, but thanks to its reasonable touch-typing response, you'll find yourself typing almost as fast as you do at the PC with just a bit of practice. There are also a number of shortcut keys that are accessible through two button-presses. The £79.99 (inc. VAT) TypeAway looks to be a good option for those who need to occasionally wrangle with big chunks of text on their Palms but still want to travel light.

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