Two more utilities join IBM-backed smart grid coalition

IBM's smart grid vision continues to gain clarity; utilities from Brazil and the Netherlands join the vendor's best practices "coalition."
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Two new utility companies have joined The Global Intelligent Utility Network (IUN) Coalition, which is a group formed by IBM that is pushing best practices for smart grid technologies and installations.

The new members are CPFL Energia (Brazil) and Liander (The Netherlands). The four U.S. members (CenterPoint Energy, Pepco Holdings, Progress Energy, and San Diego Gas and Electric) collectively were granted $3.4 billion last month in federal funding for their various smart grid pilots and projects.

The collective mission statement of the Global IUN is to use "digital intelligence" to help reduce outages and faults, manage demand and integrate new sources of energy such as wind into the power grid. The group was responsible for developing the Smart Grid Maturity Model, which is now being used by more than 60 utilities as part of smart grid strategy and planning.

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