Uber brings Christmas trees on demand

Uber's latest marketing stunt brings Christmas trees on demand to select U.S. cities
Written by David Worthington, Contributor

Uber, an on-demand cars service, is embarking on another marketing stunt tomorrow, this time partnering with Home Depot to deliver Christmas trees.

Trees will be available through the Uber app in ten U.S. cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, & Washington D.C. between 11am and 8pm. The order will cost US$135, and includes a 7-8 Ft netted tree along with a stand and undisclosed gifts from Uber. There will be no returns accepted (it's a tree).

Uber delivered kittens from local rescue missions for timed intervals of cuddliness in October on “National Cat Day”. Another promotion in July hailed ice cream trucks.

Its unorthodox marketing appears to be raising enough awareness that the app is now generating $1 billion gross with $213 in revenue (independent drivers take their cut), according to leaked financials. Some analysts believe an IPO is coming.

“I believe that in the coming year, companies like LivingSocial and Uber are going to be major companies attempting to go public,” said Babak Hafezi of HafeziCapital. “Uber is the best candidate given the fact that they are expanding nationally and internationally.”

The company is disruptive to transportation in cities. It has battled regulators and lawsuits throughout its existence; it controversially has charged its customers more during foul weather and events, because the service isn't as regulated as taxi and limousine services. Uber also recently announced fare splitting for its customers.

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