Ubuntu 10.04 Server upgrade to include new cloud features

Canonical announced today that the LTS version of the popular sever OS will be available this week
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

The third and latest LTS version of the Linux server distribution - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - will be available for a free download on Thursday, Canonical announced today. The new version includes extended security and maintenance updates free of charge for all users for five years, instead of the 18 months included with a standard release.

It also extends the cloud-computing capability of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud and includes major applications and packages added or updated since the previous LTS release. The company also predicted that it will see a larger ecosystem of open-source and proprietary application providers certifying their apps on Ubuntu than ever before. In a statement, Canonical CEO Jane Silber said:

The range of industry, analyst and user support we are seeing for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on server has the makings of a breakout release for this technology. We can consolidate the significant technical advances we've made since the last LTS release onto a stable, secure and long-term supported platform that the industry is gathering around. This is exciting for us, for our partners and most of all for our users and I expect to see Ubuntu adoption accelerate as a core infrastructure layer for volume services and cloud computing in the world's data centres.

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