UK expert tapped as CEO for Turnbull's DTO

Just months after moving to the UK government's digital service, Paul Shetler has been snapped up as the inaugural CEO of the Australian government's digital transformation office.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor

Australian Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has tapped United Kingdom Government Digital Service executive Paul Shetler as the first CEO of the Digital Transformation Office.

The office was provided with AU$254.7 million in this year's Budget to be responsible for the overall implementation of the digital strategy, and will redesign services to be digital by default.

Much of the office will be based on the UK government's digital service, Turnbull has said.

"I [told the UK government] if plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery, you should be very flattered," he said.

Not content with, in his words, plagiarising the UK model for establishing a digital transformation office, Turnbull also announced on Thursday that Shetler, fresh from being appointed an executive in government digital service, would be the first CEO of the Digital Transformation Office.

Turnbull said Shetler brings with him 20 years' experience in leading IT and business transformation projects.

"Paul was the outstanding candidate following an extensive executive search and competitive recruitment process, and has been appointed to the DTO for a period of five years," Turnbull said in a statement.

Prior to his recent role, Shetler was the chief digital officer for the UK Ministry of Justice. During his one year in that role, Shetler reportedly overhauled application and prison booking services, and oversaw the agency's £160 million common platform project.

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