UK firms don't believe the intranet hype

UK companies aren't buying the intranet hype, according to research by a City of London-based investment firm.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

While US giants like Novell are betting the farm on uptake, just 13 per cent of the 1,000 biggest UK companies have installed intranets compared with 63 per cent of large US companies, according to data supplied by Durlacher Multimedia, a division of Durlacher Ltd. dedicated to hi-tech investment. The original market research was conducted with UK market research firm Romtec.

Companies contacted said they were not deterred by the costs of installing intranets but pointed to a "lack of perceived benefit" according to Durlacher. The report concludes that intranet software developers are doing a poor job of communicating the advantages of intranets.

The findings are part of a 149-page report, The Durlacher Intranet Report 1997. The report costs £395.

Durlacher Ltd. can be contacted by telephone on 0171-628 4306.

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