UK ID fraud survey underway

A UK identity theft study backed by fourteen major UK companies is now underway
Written by Dan Ilett, Contributor

Researchers have declared that a business-backed UK identity theft study is underway.

Identity risk management firm ID Analytics, the company behind the research, has started its National Study on Identity Fraud, which has been supported by the likes of O2, HSBC and the Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS).

"Detecting and preventing identity fraud and managing identity risk is a top priority," said Alistair Urquhart, manager of fraud for O2. "We expect our participation will help our industry gain an even deeper understanding of this growing issue."

In total, 14 major UK firms, including five 'large' UK banks, three mobile operators and other undisclosed companies from retail and finance industries, are supporting the scheme.

A team of software and security analysts is currently examining identity security in the UK. The team has found patterns and activities indicative of identity fraud, ID Analytics said.

The firms backing the scheme have said they hope the research will lead to improved identity management in the UK.

"We've been reporting for some time on the size of the identity fraud problem," said Katy Worobec, head of risk management at the Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS). "We look forward to the results of the data study, which we anticipate will provide further insight into the types and dynamics of identity fraud and fraudster methods."

Yesterday in a joint operation, the National High Tech Crime Unit and the US Secret Service made several arrests linked with a passport forgery scheme based in Bulgaria.

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