UK Windows 8 Surface RT pricing... surfaces

British buyers will pay around £400 and up for Microsoft's ARM-based Surface tablet, with the Touch Cover keyboard adding a bit more to the cost.
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor

Microsoft has revealed UK prices for the ARM-based version of its Surface tablet, its first major foray into mobile hardware since its flopped Kin phones.

Surface tablet
Microsoft's Surface tablet will cost £400 and up. Image: Josh Lowensohn/CNET News

The Surface RT tablet, scheduled for release on 26 October, will cost £399 for the base-level 32GB model. This rises to £479 with a bundled Touch Cover keyboard. The 64GB version of the same device automatically comes with a bundled cover-and-keyboard and will cost £559.

In British stores, the comparable Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet already on release is £299 for Wi-Fi only, or £399 with mobile data. As for US buyers, the Surface RT will cost $499 for the 32GB version, rising to $699. For comparison, the latest iPad costs exactly the same as the Surface RT; rising from £399 for a 16GB model to £559 for a 64GB model, although this does exclude any extras, such as a keyboard.

The bundled Touch Cover comes in black as standard, with white or blue options. It can be bought separately for £99. Also on offer is a £109 Type Cover, which has fully clickable keys "for a more traditional feel", according to Microsoft.

The Surface RT can pre-ordered now by customers in the UK, as well as in Australia, the US, Canada, China, France, Germany and Hong Kong. However, the official Surface.com site currently redirects visitors to the US version when clicking through for more information or to pre-order.

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