Ultra-compact fuel cell concept car seats only one

A new fuel cell concept car for city driving seats only one person and could get up to 250 miles at a time.
Written by Channtal Fleischfresser, Contributor

It seems that lately, every day brings with it a new super-compact urban electric car concept.

But, we have to admit, these diminutive, clean vehicles are giant space-savers - and they are just so cute! Case in point: the latest one-person fuel cell city car concept, from designer Jenny Tseitlin.

The urban concept vehicle is currently called "Electric City Car" and fits only the driver. It is 6 feet 2 inches long, four feet wide, and less than six feet tall. Reports claim the car will run on a propane exchange membrane fuel cell battery - its fuel cells use a solid polymer membrane as the electrolyte, making it permeable to protons when saturated with water, but it does not conduct electrons.

The car's designer, Tseitlin, claims the floor-fitted battery will employ two 30-kilowatt motors, mounted on the vehicles two front wheels, allowing the car to get up to about 50 miles per hour. The car's reservoir can hold as much as 8.8 pounds of hydrogen to power the battery, which would give the vehicle a range of 250 miles.

That's enough to give drivers a fair amount of autonomy, especially for city driving. And just think of how much easier it would be to find parking while running your errands! No word yet about plans for large-scale production of the car.

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