Unisys Philippines joins e-business race

E-business is the buzzword in this new economy as everybody wants to do business in the Internet. Software vendorsare scrambling to offer their own strategies of e-business and each has its own way to market.
Written by Edu H. Lopez, Contributor
E-business is the buzzword in this new economy as everybody wants to do business in the Internet. Software vendors are scrambling to offer their own strategies of e-business and each has its own way to market.

19 June 2000 - Unisys Philippines has joined the e-business bandwagon with its new e-@ction solutions that are targeted at the government sector, banking and telecommunication companies.

Gabriel Leiva, Unisys Philippines president and general manager said Unisys' e-business solutions are also intended for Internet banking and dotcom companies.

"What differentiates us from the other providers is our comprehensive e-business offering and the more than 100 solutions that are Internet-ready," said Leiva.

Unisys has combined its e-business solutions under a single brand - the Unisys portfolio of e-@ction Solutions, Services and Technology for e-business.

"This is a perfect time for Unisys to launch its e-business initiative. Internet time and the imperative of the digital economy mandates that companies have the deployment flexibility to move fast and change fast," said Leiva.

The company's focus is to deliver complete end-to-end e-business solutions by integrating the Unisys e-business portfolio with third-party solutions and legacy systems to accelerate the transformation of established business practices to an electronic business model.

Unisys is also targeting 'bricks and mortars', large and well-established companies that have mission-critical, transaction-intensive systems at the heart of their businesses.

Leiva noted that most of the local medium-sized companies have low level of automation that offers opportunities for Unisys to provide e-business solutions.

The e-@ction portfolio contains all the elements required for delivering customer value in e-business, solutions, services, platforms, network infrastructure and Unisys people.

Unisys has tied up with Microsoft Corp. to design a performance capability that is key to a large-scale computing for electronic business, an integral part of future versions of Windows Datacenter Service.

The Unisys-Microsoft partnership is aimed at winning strategic dotcom opportunities with Unisys enterprise-class solutions, services, technology and support applied to the Microsoft Enterprise platform.

Unisys provides specific vertical, cross-industry solutions as well as solution enablers. The vertical solutions are for its target markets in financial services, transportation, communications, government, publishing, retail and supply chain.

Cross-industry solutions include customer relationship management, supply chain management and knowledge management. Solution enablers are pre-fabbed components that can be rapidly assembled into customized solutions.

Unisys also provides consulting and implementation services, managed services as well as outsourcing services.

The products include mission-critical servers and middleware and advanced technologies that form the building blocks for solutions enablers.

Unisys e-@ction ClearPath Enterprise Servers and e-@ction Enterprise Servers provide scalable, high-availability platforms both for database deployment and management and for middleware to interconnect data sources.

Unisys has committed to a number of initiatives to stay on the forefront of e-business, including research and development, investments in global infrastructure, the establishment of more than 50 Unisys e-@ction centers for excellence, work for market trends, the development of employees' professional skills and University e-business programs.

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