United Breaks Guitars Song 3 due this month

Musician Dave Carroll will release his third and presumably his final song about United Airlines this month. When United broke his guitar two years ago, the airline didn't know it was about to turn him into a celebrity.
Written by John Dodge, Contributor

Musician Dave Carroll is about to complete the trilogy of songs about his now two-year-old tussle with United Airlines.

When United broke his $3,500 guitar on a flight to Nebraska United and them told him to screw after a couple of months of haggling, the Halifix, Nova Scotia musician promised he'd write three songs about the experience.

He has kept his promise. Song three is due out this month.

His first song United Breaks Guitars (below) came out last July and has garnered 7,111,415 views as of this writing and earned its standing among the top viral video of 2009. United Breaks Guitars Song 2 (its real name) came out Aug. 17 and has 733,290 views.

Song 2 couldn't help but be anti-climatic compared to the first song as the story wound down, but I have a sneaking suspicion Carroll and his all his favorites extras up north will go all out on Song 3. United has turned him into a celebrity of sorts.

United, my favorite airline of the 1990s when I traveled 2-3 weeks every month, may have gotten the message. In early December, I flew it cross-country from Boston to Seattle and noticed a new friendliness among the flight attendants.

Going home, United got me on earlier flights and upgraded me to Economy Plus.  Free! I hope it wasn't just luck.

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