Universal, Google are game for 'Bourne' deal

Online game based on all three Bourne action movies will launch in seven countries and include sweepstakes prizes.
Written by Reuters/Hollywood Reporter, Contributor
Universal Pictures and Google announced a new online game, The Ultimate Search for Bourne with Google, that uses such Google tools as Search, Maps, Images and YouTube and serves as a promotional vehicle for the upcoming action feature The Bourne Ultimatum.

The third Bourne film, which stars Matt Damon and opens August 3, features a Google placement.

The game, inspired by all three Bourne films, launches Monday (July 16) in seven countries and incorporates a sweepstakes element. Players will assume the identity of a former CIA operative as they track rogue agent Jason Bourne across three continents and solve clues that bring them closer to uncovering Bourne's identity. The game can be played at www.google.com/bourne until the film's release and will include exclusive clips from Bourne Ultimatum.

It is Google's second online game tied to a film release. The first involved Sony Pictures' The Da Vinci Code.

Universal worked with Web design and marketing firm Big Spaceship to build the Bourne game, which is part of a promotional partnership with Google that did not involve any money changing hands.

The product placement--a screen shot of a Google search--emerged from the discussions between Universal and Google about the game but occurred in a scene that already called for an online search, studio executives said.

Google will promote the game through search results related to the film and through its millions of users' customized iGoogle home pages.

Volkswagen, whose new Touareg 2 is featured in Bourne Ultimatum, will be providing the sweepstakes grand prize--a 2008 Touareg 2 designed to the top-of-the-line specifications of the car seen in the movie. MasterCard, which is integrated in the game, will award one player a $1,000 MasterCard gift card each of the 15 weekdays that new clues and active game play are provided to Web site visitors. Other prizes include $25,000, 10 Apple iPhones and four trips to the winners' choice of New York, Paris, London, Madrid or Tangier--all cities featured in the film.

The game will launch in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the U.K. and France.

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