Universities, schools and non-profits targeted with new power management software

New power management software carries special pricing for schools and non-profit organizations.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Just before the holidays, I heard from a new-ish company working on power management software for desktop computers. The company, called Enviprot Americas, is targeting schools, universities and non-profits with its Auto ShutDown Manager utility. The technology is being tested as part of a green building initiative at the University of Berkeley, which you can read about at this link. As you might expect, the software is automating power-saving shutdowns across the campus. It also has been linked into wireless power meters so they can keep better check of the actual energy saved.

Enviprot is running a promotional offer for its software, under which schools, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations can buy a lifetime license for $499. It also has commercial/corporate pricing available.

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