Unofficial Palm advertisement is arguably better than actual ads

A new unofficial commercial sells the Palm Pre better than any official ad spot. Should Palm just outsource its campaign to a different agency?
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Does this unofficial Palm advert do a better job of selling its phones than the official clips?

Palm's first foray into broadcast advertising for its Pre handset involved a spacey actress and a metaphorical argument to buy the Sprint smartphone. Criticized for being "creepy" and vague, the campaign soon gave way to a more high-speed, psychedelic attempt for the Pixi handset.

And once the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus landed on Verizon, the carrier and manufacturer began targeting women, both in broadcast and print. But the ads never really spent time demonstrating what the handset could do -- just defining the new Palm brand.

But this new, unofficial 30-second commercial gets right to the point -- just as Palm's shares are tanking:

Heavy advertising has proved its worth for the Motorola Droid. Should Palm just outsource its ad campaign to a different agency?

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