Updated: Intel to front Web 2.0 business suite

Later today Intel will announce a suite of Web 2.0 business applications at the Web 2.
Written by Dan Farber, Inactive

Later today Intel will announce a suite of Web 2.0 business applications at the Web 2.0 Summit, according to Socialtext CEO Ross Mayfield. Speaking at workshop on Enterprise 2.0 at the Summit, Mayfield said that in addition to enterprise wiki-maker Socialtext, the suite includes Six Apart (blogging tools), NewsGator (RSS feed aggregation), SimpleFeed (marketing and communications via RSS) and SpikeSource (integration, configuration, testing, and continuous management of open source solutions). The suite, called SuiteTwo, provides a single interface and single sign-on for creating and distributing content via the suite. Future releases will add podcasting, business networking, mobility and other components. Initially, SuiteTwo is available in English and Japanese and distributed through through Intel OEMs, distributors and resellers as well as the participating software companies.  

According to brochure copy, SuiteTwo delivers increased productivity through 50 percent faster searches and reduces email overload by 30 percent. Intel's venture capital group has stakes in the Six Apart and SpikeSource.  

Update: During a press conference announcing SuiteTwo, Lisa Lambert of Intel Capital explained how the assemblage of software was formulated. "We are in the business of evaluating ecosystems. We did our research and come up with the list of best of breed partners, in our minds," she said. SuiteTwo is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that don't have a lot of IT support services, she said, and won't be available until Q1 2007. Pricing will be $175 to $200 per user per year for SuiteTwo for the on-premises suite.

Intel has created a channel for solutions, such as SuiteTwo, optimized on Intel platform. "There is a differentiation for delivering the product on the Intel platform," Lambert said. I Lambert asked what specific optimizations in the suite were made that could be considered differentiators. She responded, "The details have not been disclosed yet." Steven Santamaria, director of global solution enabling at Intel, said that the Intel Software Solutions group is looking for optimizations and enabling of Intel's unique silicon advantages for Web 2.0. Still vague. It may be that Intel has some special sauce it's about to unveil or it just the usual marketing speak.

Santamaria added that the Intel has a target to diffuse Intel technology and engage with ISVs thorughout the industry, and to co-market and sell with the channel. Intel's software channel is operating in Asia Pacific and will be global by 2007. Intel is targeting to engage with 5,000 ISVs this year, 10,000 next year, and 50,000 by 2010, especially focusing on emerging markets, Santamaria said.

Dana Gardner thinks that Intel is getting deeper into the software game:

Google will advertise its way to Enterprise 2.0 and Microsoft will make money from Enterprise 2.0 any damn way it can. But Intel can come on it and serve up a federated smorgasbord of open source Web 2.0 features — and make lots of friends along the way, gaining lots of market-share — knowing that all these services will have Intel running inside. 

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