UPS expands 3D printing services across US

The parcel carrier is expanding 3D printer services from six beta markets to nearly 100 retail centers across the US.

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Following a six-market beta period, UPS says it is expanding 3D printer services to nearly 100 retail centers across the US — prompting the parcel carrier to claim the title of the first nationwide retailer to offer 3D printing services in-store.

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The shipment and logistics company said the six beta locations experienced a high demand for 3D printing services, mostly from small business owners, startups, inventors and artists. 

UPS partnered with 3D printing giant Stratasys on both the beta project and the 3D printing expansion, outfitting its retail centers with the Stratasys uPrint SE Plus professional-grade printer.

"We launched the pilot to evaluate if there was demand for 3D print and we're excited to be announcing an expansion, giving even more small business owners access to high-quality, professional 3D printing," said Michelle Van Slyke, VP of marketing and sales at The UPS Store. "We look forward to being a part of the future of the 3D printing industry."

Kentucky, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania are among the states receiving 3D printer-equipped stores.

To kick off the expansion, the shipping company is now hosting its first 3D Print Week through Sept. 26.