US Court of Appeals reverses Galaxy Nexus ban, will unified search return?

Samsung earned a minor victory in the Apple legal battle with a federal court reversing the Galaxy Nexus ban and unified search limitation.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Apple and Samsung's legal battle resulted in a pre-trial injunction that banned sales of the Galaxy Nexus in the US. Samsung then released a software patch, appeared on the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S III devices, that turned off the unified search. We now hear that the US Court of Appeals for the Federal District has overturned the injunction that caused the software patch to be released.

There may be more legal steps taken by Apple, I am not a lawyer so am not fully versed on the process, but I am left wondering if Samsung can release another patch that flips the switch back on for unified search. I never used it on my devices and part of the court's statement related to the fact that Apple did not show consumers bought these devies because of the unified search functionality. It was more of a nice to have, but not an essential, defining feature. I wonder if Samsung can now sue Apple for possible lost sales due to the sales ban. The legal game just goes on and on.

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