USR sets 56K modem price... in US dollars

US Robotics (USR) has put a price on its x2 56Kbits/sec modems but UK buyers will have to wait a little longer to cost the warp-speed devices.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Across the pond, prices will stretch from a $60 (£40) software upgrade for recent buyers of Sportster and Courier modems to $239 (£160) for an all-new external unit with voice capabilities. Buyers who acquired their USR units after November 25 get a free upgrade but not all devices wil be upgradable.

However, UK purchasers teased by months of 56Kbit hype for will have to twiddle their thumbs for a few weeks at least. USR UK spokesmen wouldn't comment on UK pricing or availability but confirmed that an announcement will be made "shortly". Previously, USR has said it expects to ship product in the UK by the end of February.

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