Verizon Droid X and T-Mobile Vibrant available in store today

A couple of excellent Google Android smartphones launch today on Verizon and T-Mobile so if these carriers are who you subscribe to you may want to swing by the store today. I am considering the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Today is a good day for Verizon and T-Mobile customers as the Motorola Droid X and Samsung Vibrant can be picked up at the stores for $199.99 each, after rebates and contract. I already wrote about the Verizon Motorola Droid X so you know why I am sticking with my Sprint HTC EVO 4G. However, as a T-Mobile customer who sold his Nexus One and HTC HD2 I am actually looking around at possibly picking up a new phone for that network. The Samsung Galaxy S lineup of devices look pretty sweet and I am turning into a real Google Android fan so wonder if you would recommend this device?

My friend Lisa put together her initial impressions of the Samsung Vibrant along with the walk through video you see embedded below. The browser crash issue bothers me a bit, but it seems like Samsung could fix this with a simple update and there are alternative browsers for Google Android devices. The beautiful 800x480 Super AMOLED display interests me and I really want to try out Samsung camera since they tend to make good cell phone cameras. I am worried too that there is no flash, but most of the time the flash on smartphones is so poor anyways that I rarely use them. I like seeing 16GB of integrated memory with the option to add up to 32GB more with a microSD card.

T-Mobile said they don't have any review units at this time so I think I will stop by my local store today. If I am eligible for the $199.99 price then you will probably see a first impressions article here tomorrow, but I don't think I am ready to fork over the $500 non-contract price on this particular device.

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