Verizon finally getting serious about Windows Phone; so advanced, it's actually simple

Verizon has only offered a single Windows Phone device over the last two years, but looks to finally be supporting Microsoft's mobile OS with three devices coming soon.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Verizon finally getting serious about Windows Phone; so advanced, it's actually simple

Regular readers know I enjoy using Windows Phone devices and I recommend people give the platform a try before judging it. With only about a 3 percent market share, I have previously stated this slow adoption is in part due to Verizon's apathetic attitude towards Windows Phone. It looks like this is FINALLY going to change with Windows Phone 8 as we now see a Windows Phone 8 splash page on the Verizon website. Thanks to WPCentral for the heads-up on the Verizon home page change.

As Steve Ballmer stated at the Windows Phone 8 launch event on Monday of this week Verizon is getting the Nokia Lumia 822, HTC 8X, and Samsung Odyssey. You have to love the Verizon tagline for Windows Phone 8 too, "Introducing The new Windows Phone. So advanced, it's actually simple." Windows Phone 8 is the most personal mobile phone operating system available with the Start screen being unique to each person.

We don't yet know what color 8X we will see on Verizon, but speculation is they will get black and red. There are also lots of hopeful people that want to see Verizon pick up a Lumia 920 variant when the AT&T exclusive ends, hopefully at the beginning of 2013. I personally think Windows 8 will help people take a closer look at Windows Phone 8, but that will take time so it will likely take time for Windows Phone 8 to gain in the smartphone place. At least now, they have Verizon on board with AT&T and T-Mobile so they have a fighting chance.

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