Verizon offers free tethering on iPad 4G plans

Also offers a budget 1GB per month plan for $20.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

Verizon has confirmed that 4G data plans for the new iPad will include the tethering hotspot feature at no extra charge.

The change was confirmed by a spokeswoman to GottaBeMobile:

The tablet data plans include the mobile hotspot just as they do today. Data plans begin at 2GB for $30 and go to 10 GB for $80 and includes the mobile hot spot. The iPads have one additional option of 1GB for $20.

This is in line with Verizon's other tablet data plans. This gives the Verizon plans a clear advantage over AT&T's offering. Another advantage is that Verizon offers the budget 1GB per month for $20, whereas AT&T's cheapest plan (sensible plan at any rate ... $15 for 250MB is ridiculous pricing) is 3GB per month for $30.

Back in January, here's what I wrote about tethering:

Seriously, I don’t see why tethering is considered a premium product on capped data plans. I understand that people might use more data, but on a capped plan the carriers win if that happens. The only time I see the need to charge a premium for data plans is when the plan is unlimited (and I mean truly unlimited, not limited to some silly ‘fair use’ policy), then charging extra for the option is justified.

It's good to see Verizon bundling tethering for free with its iPad plans. So if you're looking for free bundled tethering, this could be the deal for you.

Image credit: Apple.


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