Verizon rolls out computing-as-a-service

The telecommunications company is offering cloud-based computing resources to enterprises and government agencies
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Verizon Business has launched a cloud-based computing-as-a-service product for enterprises and government agencies.

Launched on Wednesday, Verizon Computing as a Service (CaaS) is designed to give medium-sized and large organisations access to computing resources as and when they need them. The resources — server, network and storage — are accessible through the Verizon Enterprise Center web-based portal.

According to Verizon, a key advantage of cloud-based services such as CaaS is scalability — businesses do not need to buy equipment to deal with seasonal or peak demand, as they can effectively rent capacity in the cloud.

Verizon said CaaS can be used for web-based or corporate applications running over Verizon's public IP network or Private IP, Verizon's multiprotocol label switching-based private network.

The provider added that its CaaS service involves secure connections to resources, a multi-tiered network with a virtual firewall and an audit trail for any changes made to those resources. Its datacentres are also audited for physical security.

Verizon worked with HP, VMware and Red Hat on the development of its CaaS architecture, which lets customers provision either physical and virtual server environments, depending on the type of application that needs to be deployed.

Verizon CaaS is available now in Europe and the US, with an Asia-Pacific rollout planned for August.

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